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The Oracle Makes Atlanta Debut


The Company makes its Atlanta debut May 22 and 23 with the regional premiere of The Oracle at The Balzer Theater at Herren’s with an acclaimed cast of dancers. The weekend-long run is part of the Modern Atlanta Dance Festival.

The dance features four highly charismatic dancers, including the choreographer Daniel Gwirtzman and longtime dancer Jonathan Alsberry, who The New York Times called “radiant” in the work, and which praised him for his “shining performances.” The Times admired “sprightly” dancer Brittany Posas for her “elastic, space-gobbling quality of movement and Gwirtzman, a “tall, slender figure,” notingMr. Gwirtzman loves tangled partnering and tricky lifts.” The Oracle incorporates intricate partnering.

“Referring back to ancient times, existing fully in the present and simultaneously looking forward into the future—The Oracle explores the times in which we come together as community. The intersection of people is at the heart of The Oracle,” remarks Gwirtzman. “Not rooted in any specific history, event, or time, The Oracle represents a continuum of gatherings, which repeatedly define our individual and collective experiences, and, as such, push us forever onward in the cycle of life. It is a marker, a ceremony, a mysterious and unspoken contract.”

The interactivity of the dancers, woven together in duos, trios, and quartet sections and the volatile, combustive energy that results from these relationships, intensifies throughout. The abstract yet universal work weaves portraits of anonymity versus intimacy, and stylization versus pedestrianism. Composer Jeff Story, a long-time collaborator with the Company, created this original composition.


Performance Schedule:

Friday, May 22 and Saturday, May 23 at 8:00 p.m.

The Balzer Theater at Herren’s | 84 Luckie Street NW | Atlanta, GA  30303

General Admission:

$20.00 Adults  |  $15.00 12 & under, Seniors & Working Artists  |  $12.00 for Groups of 10 or more


Mapping a Hit in New York and Charlotte

Artistic and Executive Director, choreographer, teacher and still very much principal dancer, Daniel Gwirtzman performed his signature dance solo Mapping to critical and public acclaim in March.  Says Gwirtzman, “Dancing at this pitch, at this point in my life is an amazing experience.”  The Dance Enthusiast, a critical dance site, offered the following review from ITE Inception to Exhibition‘s Second Annual Dance Festival.  “Mapping, Daniel Gwirtzman’s self-choreographed solo, differentiates itself with a lack of props, collaborators, or external distractions. A neutral white-noise soundscape and an all black costume allow the movement to speak for itself. What start as tense, balletic gestures dissolve into languid articulations. Gwirtzman systematically isolates various body parts to create a constant contrast between gentle and aggressive; harsh, clenched fists segue into the soft descent of a cheekbone to meet the floor.” Photo: Amanda MacLeod

Full review is here:

DGDC Apprentices Premiere “Go!” at Zuckerman Museum of Art

Daniel Gwirtzman with the DGDC Apprentices after the premiere of "Go!"

Saturday, March 14, 6-8pm, Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company Apprentices, premiered Go!, a durational dance choreographed for the opening of Pause at the Zuckerman Museum of Art in Atlanta.  The dance for six, which featured dance majors at Kennesaw State University, was in continuous performance for the two-hours of the opening. Featuring over sixty multimedia works [...]

Gwirtzman’s Mapping–March 12, 2015, 8pm

  ITE’s 2nd Annual Contemporary Dance Festival, March 11-15, will bring together some of NYC’s most talented emerging and established choreographers for an immersive focus on contemporary concert dance. The festival will feature two world premieres, a New York premiere, as well as six works-in-progress and re-staged pieces.  DGDC’s acclaimed solo Mapping will be performed [...]

DGDC receives CUNY residency

The Company has been awarded a residency through the City University of New York (CUNY) Dance Initiative, a program providing rehearsal and performance space to New York City choreographers and dance companies.  In its second year, CDI opens the doors of CUNY campuses to New York City choreographers and dance companies by assisting the colleges [...]

New Year New Partnerships

DGDC in Encore

The Company’s beloved Encore enters its eighth year in active repertory.  Since its premiere at New York’s Joyce SoHo in 2007, there has never been a year when the work has not been performed, and by multiple companies, not only by DGDC.  It was prescient of The New Yorker to write at that time: “Encore [...]

Falling in all Directions

For Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company, fall’s curriculum covers a range of stimulating projects, in academia, the professional field and the general community. It is the diet we follow and love, what keeps us in prime shape. October 17-18 DG participates in the Tennessee Association of Dance’s annual Tennessee Dance Festival, Chattanooga, TN October 23-26 DGDC [...]

BAM Season: May 30-June 1

The Oracle at BAM Fisher

The ORACLE World Premiere May 30, May 31, June 1, at BAM Fisher. Read all about the performance on our ORACLE page.  

Rock The Boat

DG in Rock The Boat

The last film of The Brazil Series is the rollicking fun Rock The Boat. Classical, improvisational and hip-hop forms blend into a picnic of delights when this seaman’s obsession with dance animates a series of empty boats.  Watch it HERE on our Fifteen Anniversary Page.

Crab World

Daniel Gwirtzman in Crab World

It’s a crab’s world after all. Daniel Gwirtzman and filmmaker Rafael Silva de Carvalho collaborated on Crab World, a two-minute film shot on location in Misericordia, Bahia, a tiny village on the island of Itaparica, across the Bay from Salvador. Watch the film HERE!