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Daniel Takes Off at Ucross Residency, Wyoming

Daniel arrived in Wyoming this week for his five-week residency as a Ucross Fellow. Past Fellows: ten Pulitzer Prizes, nine MacArthur Foundation Grants, six National Book Awards, seven Tony Awards, two Academy Awards, three Golden Globes, 74 Guggenheim Fellowships, and more…Movies based on works by Ucross Fellows include Eat Pray Love (Elizabeth Gilbert) and Brokeback Mountain (Annie Proulx). Daniel took these self-portraits within 16 hours of each other: upon arriving and upon waking up the following morning. He will be keeping a blog with photos and videos of work developed while in residence. The mission of Ucross Foundation is to foster the creative spirit of deeply committed artists and groups by providing uninterrupted time, studio space, living accommodations, and the experience of the majestic High Plains while serving as a good steward of its historic 20,000-acre ranch.

Ucross Foundation was established by Raymond Plank in 1981 and is a 501(c)3 public non-profit organization. For more than thirty years, Ucross has been giving space and time to artists who come from many disciplines: writers, composers, visual and performing artists. Participants come from all over the world. In their complex of private studios and shared residences, visiting artists build a small, intense community hard at work in the midst of 20,000 acres of Wyoming ranchland.

Ucross Foundation’s home is a working ranch set at the confluence of three creeks, and its purpose is to bring deeply committed artists into the heart of an unparalleled landscape. The Foundation believes that being a good steward of the land closely resembles being a good artist, and vice versa. Both require dedication, imagination, and the best possible use of the resources at hand. In addition to fostering the work of individual artists, Ucross is a meeting and working place for groups, a multi-disciplinary laboratory for creative thinking. We help sponsor and host educational programs, conferences, and special events at our public art gallery, which is one of the cultural landmarks of northern Wyoming. Their reach is as close as their nearest neighbors and as distant as almost any spot on earth. Ucross is home to the creative spirit.

Doodling Returns This Fall: 3 Shows, 3 Cities

Saturday, October 20: Arts On Site, 12 St. Marks Place, Manhattan
Sunday, October 28: Movement and Dance Festival, Nazareth Center for the Performing Arts, Rochester, NY
Friday/Saturday November 16/17: Key West Dance Collective, Tennessee Williams Theatre, Key West, Florida

Photograph of Daniel in Doodling from the Gdański Festiwal Tańca, in Gdańsk, Poland (June 2018) by Paweł Wyszomirski

“American Daniel Gwirtzman treated the title seriously in an unpretentious and witty “Doodling” (“Bazgrolić”); the show is a combination of various types of movement (performed for very diverse music), dance “scribbles”, freely taken up and abandoned by the dancer.” Mirosław Baran

Company’s ENCORE Performances A Huge Hit!

ENCORE at KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle critic Jack Garner wraps up the KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival, recapping his “personal cream of the crop.” He writes: “For me, Fringe ’18 was especially a festival of great dance. One of the biggest joys annually is the presentation of Garth Fagan Dance. We also found a new delight – the [...]

ENCORE at KeyBank Rochester Fringe

ENCORE at Rochester Fringe

Two weeks until the Company’s Fringe Festival performances, September 15 (6:30pm), September 16 (1pm, 6:30pm). BUY TICKETS HERE!

DGDC Cover of Downtown Express

Downtown Express Summertime

The Company landed on the front cover of the weekly Downtown Express, the newspaper of Lower Manhattan. Calling the work whimsical, the physical newspaper printed a second photo of the Company on page 10 and included another third photo on the digital site. Photographs: Milo Hess

Summertime Suite A Hit!

Summertime Suite Wedding Milo Hess

DGDC performed August 16 at the Battery Dance Festival to an enthusiastic overflowing audience. It was a glorious summer night. The heat started to diminish as the Company took the stage. Vanessa Martínez de Bańos’s performance of Tisket was a highlight, opening the show with vibrancy. What better background for our patriotic Summertime Suite than [...]

Two Days Until Battery Dance Festival!

The Iconic Basket from The Summertime Suite

Thursday, August 16, 7pm the Company brings back its beloved Summertime Suite to the City of New York! Featuring 12 DGDC dancers, this free performance is not to be missed! For information visit Battery Dance Festival’s website: The Iconic Basket from Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company’s Summertime Suite by Lauren O’Brien

Two Weeks Until Battery Dance Festival!

The Carousel from Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company's Summertime Suite by Darial Sneed

Thursday, August 16, 7pm the Company brings back its beloved Summertime Suite to the City of New York! Featuring 12 DGDC dancers, this free performance is not to be missed! For information visit Battery Dance Festival’s website: The Carousel from Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company’s Summertime Suite by Darial Sneed

Encore for ENCORE at KeyBank Fringe Festival

Encore Fringe Poster

The KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival and GeVa Theatre Center present the Company in its acclaimed hit show Encore. Performances will take place on Saturday, September 15 at 6:30PM, Sunday, September 16 at 1:00PM and Sunday, September 16 at 6:30PM at The Fielding Stage at Geva Theatre Center, 75 Woodbury Blvd. Tickets, priced at $18 (student, [...]

Summertime’s Back! August 16! Free Show!

Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company in Summertime Suite by Christopher Duggan

SAVE THE DATE! The Company’s revered Summertime Suite will be presented by the 37th annual Battery Dance Festival Thursday, August 16, at 7pm. The free, outdoor performance is a perfect summertime event for the whole family. Bring your blanket and basket full of goodies! You won’t want to miss this show, “the best of them [...]