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What’s Mapping about?

Mapping finds inspiration from the prescription of so much of our lives: from the specific pathways of our daily commutes, to the global positioning systems which track us everywhere and anywhere in the world.  We live each moment of our lives now on the map, turned on, enabled, trackable.  We can always be found.  Even our phone can be found.  It’s harder to get lost.  So intent on mapquesting everything, have we lost the journey for the destination, the process of discovery?  I wanted to explore this literally and metaphorically, the idea of leaving the grid, of getting lost, themes of limitation versus liberation.

What do you remember most developing this dance?

I recall how difficult the opening sequence was to learn!  The non sequitur aspect took some time to gel muscularly. Also, I remember the interest in playing with speed, of challenging how quickly some steps could be executed, as well as how lengthy stillness could be.

Who designed the wonderful lighting?

The wonderful Roma Flowers!

Mapping was choreographed in the fall of 2007 while Daniel was a Guest Professor at The University of Michigan for the full fall term. The dance has its premiere in Christian von Howard’s company, The Von Howard Project, in two performances at The Ailey Citigroup Theater. Choreographed and performed by Daniel Gwirtzman. Music by Stars of the Lid. Lighting designed by Roma Flowers.