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Clue, a dance inspired by the famous game (and movie) of the same name, came together exceedingly quickly, choreographed and filmed in a very condensed time frame, a few hours a day over a few days.  After making this for-camera version, Clue became a part of Encore, the Company’s evening-length theatrical show.

Hanna-Lee Sakakibara remembers:

It was very exciting for me to be selected by Daniel to dance in the original setting for “Clue”. I immediately loved the concept, the story line and the music. I remember the choreography being typical Daniel style – a challenge. Fast tempos, quick foot work, tight transitions and all to be presented as effortless. Precision, strength, group effort and character work were critical in bringing the piece together as we raced against the clock, but the humor and the energy of the piece carried us through rehearsals. Many times we found ourselves bursting into spontaneous laughter at sheer entertainment from the other dancers facial expressions and moves, or from mistakes – one look in the wrong direction could be a major collision! It’s all in the details, and boy there were many, and that is one of the things I love about Daniel’s work. I look forward to seeing this piece revived on stage.

Matthew Hakim

A HUGE fan of the board game/movie since I was a little boy, I was thrilled to be invited to the join the cast of Clue.  Danny allowed each cast member to add his/her own flair to each role which allowed us to truly use our own different personalities to create a unique character.  The role of the sassy butler is not so far from my ACTUAL persona, so it was quite fun to bring that to the dance.  The choreography blended comedic elements, tons of props, and a suspenseful ending making it not only fun to dance, but incredibly entertaining for the audience.

Mia Breaux Lorick

The opportunity to be a part of a work such as Clue was one of the best artistic experiences I have ever had.  I was able to participate from the beginning on Daniel’s process and therefore, got to watch the magic happen.  Every step was choreographed with the thoughtfulness of how it would advance the story line and every dancer who participated had a personal story to develop on stage.  I absolutely loved my costume and the props we were able to utilize throughout.  The challenging choreography combined with Daniel’s amazing attention to detail made Clue my favorite DGDC piece.  It was exciting, fun, and definitely an adventure worth taking.