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Pier (2014), a dance-for-camera film created in Bahia, is the 7th film in our 15th Anniversary Virtual Season.  The perfect symbiosis of elements: a clear day during the heavy rainy season with good light at high tide.  In Bahia surprises abound.

Daniel remembers: “Editing the film I was reminded of what it was like to be in that climate.  The sunga, or swimsuit, became a daily uniform and costume in this series.  The residency was about stripping away layers, literally and figuratively.  Pier shows me as a dancer, choreographer and filmmaker fervent to take advantage of a wooden plank jutting into the Bay of All Saints (the Atlantic Ocean), should the elements conspire in perfect harmony.   First, it was the rainy season, which more than lived up to its name.  Then, there was the sun.  What kind of light?  Then the tide.  When the tide is low, the joke was one had to take a taxi to get to the water, it could be that far a walk! The highest high tide of each month only stuck around for a few hours on a few days; for half of the month the tide was high in the middle of the night.  A full tide during daylight, at sunset, without rain. Timing was key.  And when the elements conspired, I ran.  Enjoy this sensory piece that will definitely transport you to the gorgeous idyll that is Itaparica and Bahia.”