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Terrain: World Premiere, Barcelona 11/18

Terrain Trailer from Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company on Vimeo.

Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company produced Terrain in 2016. Filmed in southern Spain, Terrain depicts a body, that of choreographer Daniel Gwirtzman, in a mountainous landscape. Stripped of a recognizable narrative, the choreography investigates gesture and form, transforming the body into a panorama of identities.

Director/Choreographer/Performer/Editor: Daniel Gwirtzman
Videographer/Photographer: Rosa Llinás
Music: Kevin MacLeod, Jeff Story
Production: Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company, AADK Spain

World Premiere: Fenòmens, Barcelona, November 18, 2016

Terrain was created during the Residency program of AADK Spain at Centro Negra in Blanca, Spain.