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Terrain Screens 9/22 at 4th International Meeting on Videodance, Valencia, Spain

Terrain, one of 16 films chosen from 440 international submissions, will screen at the annual Meeting on Videodance held at the Universitat Politècnica de València and different locations in the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain. The conference includes academic papers, artist presentations and screenings. Its goals include enhancing the academic study of video-dance, fostering artistic creation of video-dance by creating a meeting point for the different creative participants, and disseminating the knowledge and appreciation of video-dance among the students and general public. Elena Azzedín, Program Director at Arquitectura Actual de la Cultura (AADK), will present and speak at the conference on the Company’s behalf. AADK co-produced Terrain with the Company when Daniel was in residence at Centro Negra in Blanca, Murcia, Spain in the summer of 2016.