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Nikyta Moreno

Interview with Nikyta

Name: Nikyta Moreno
Hometown: London, England

What in your dance background has shaped you into the dancer that you are today? Of course the various dance training schools I have attended both in England and America, but most importantly my dance journey since moving here to New York has most definitely shaped me into the dancer I am today. I have been able to train in a various amount of dance styles, work with many different teachers and people in the dance industry, and I really have grown not only as a dancer, but as an individual also.

The best thing about performing is the thrill you get when on stage! For me, it is a very rewarding feeling to show choreography that you have complete movement ownership of. When performing I feel alive, excited and totally present in the moment.

I must roll out my muscles before I start dancing. This helps prepare my body and mind. I then usually do a series of stretches. It changes in order to focus on what feels tighter that day, but I always do some roll downs, a downward dog, tendus and pliés.

What’s in your dance bag? Anything and everything—it’s my very own Mary Poppins bag! I often have a tennis ball, a foam roller, a banana, my daily planner, spare dance clothes, ballet shoes, deodorant, a small towel, tissues and hand sanitizer.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a dancer? The fact that you can be you, and have complete ownership of that, and be open.

What is a normal day-in-the-life for you?
I must do yoga (usually Hot Power Vinyasa) to start my day. This helps to me to mentally and physically prepare for the day ahead, plus it warms up my body. After taking yoga I usually teach a class, and after teaching head over to rehearsals. Rehearsals usually finish around 5 or 6 and if I don’t have to teach afterwards, I sometimes do a Pilates class or go home, stretch and prepare for the next day.

What keeps you going? As I have such a busy schedule it is important I get enough sleep, I try to get eight hours of sleep a night. Due to my days being so busy and finishing late in the evenings, I always start my day with a good breakfast.

I was drawn to DGDC because of the athleticism, fast-paced choreography and musicality. Even though the company demonstrates technical challenges, it is performed in a seamless and enjoyable manner. When watching videos of DGDC, I wanted to learn how to move just as quickly and seamlessly.

Describe the process of working on The Oracle? The process is very exciting! The choreography is always developing and expanding, and therefore challenging me to go further into the movement. We all work together, as a great unit, which is such a nice environment to be in!

What has been most challenging about process and the work?
For me the most challenging thing is remembering all the choreography, especially in the partner work. We change partners in certain sections, which is challenging because you need to discover and adapt how it is best to carry out certain movements, especially the lifts.

Have you made any new discoveries during the rehearsal process?
I have most definitely discovered how to adapt quicker, especially when working with different people…to be able to work on partnering and develop in this area is challenging, but also very exciting.

Why do you think someone should come to see The Oracle at BAM at the end of May? The show will be exciting from the beginning to the end! The choreography is very exciting, and it is organic but not predictable! Audience members will see a lot of exciting partner work and smooth transitions. They will leave having watched a great show.