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Presenting a behind-the-scenes perspective, ENCORE gives audiences rare insight into a troupe of Broadway dancers preparing to go on the road under the pressure of a fastidious and demanding choreographer. During their final rehearsal, the cast goes through the rigorous and lightning-quick paces of one show-stopping number after another – set to classic jazz recordings – working through the uncertainty, headaches and hilarity of the intense process of making art, and raising the age-old question: will the show come together? ENCORE’s exploration of speed, virtuosity, and non-stop movement challenges the stamina of its performers, as well as its audience’s expectations. ENCORE is a bit of feel-good escapism, designed to leave the audience humming and tapping. ENCORE alternates between the artifice of the stage, depicted through vibrant, theatrical numbers, and the reality of life in the studio.

The Company’s repertory is noted for its variety of styles, innovation, and accessibility.  To best present this diversity we have two reels to share, each focusing on a different aspect of the work.

Theatrical Reel:  http://youtu.be/9Q-0RBtoiPw

Concert Reel: http://youtu.be/XHqcVGpe26U

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