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Maya Petty

Interview with Maya

The Run-Down with Maya Petty

Hometown: Houston, TX

I would say that my entire dance background and experiences have shaped me into the dancer I am today.  My favorite thing about performing is being able to share a part of myself with the audience.  I don’t really have much of a warm-up ritual. I just take about 30-45 mins to make sure I warm up everything.  In my dance bag, you’ll find a water bottle, headphones, iPhone, socks, snacks and hair accessories.  The most rewarding aspect of being a dancer is being able to use your body to express and connect with others. A normal day in the life consists of waking up and going to work, going to rehearsal or an audition or enjoying my time with friends.

God, my family and my friends keep me going. Along with plenty of sleep! Looking for new auditions brought me to DGDC and after researching the Company and their work, I felt like it would be a good a fit for me.  The process of The Oracle is very exploratory and forces us as dancers to dig into ourselves to find new and exciting ways to express this work.  The most challenging part about this process is just getting used to working with and trusting new people. Although I wouldn’t quite say this is challenging because that’s what dancers do. We explore and adapt to our surroundings.  I think people should come to see The Oracle because we have so many diverse dancers and it’s always exciting to see what each dancer brings to the piece.