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Charged Screens in Reno and Bryn Mawr

Charged, which showcases an over-caffeinated Everywoman in her kitchen on the brink of disaster, continues to gain acceptance into film festivals. March 18, 2023 it screened at the Opine Dance Film Festival presented by the Bryn Mawr Film Institute at Bryn Mawr College. “The 8th annual festival celebrates dance-film makers locally, nationally, and internationally who are creating work with meaning. This program features a selection of outstanding shorts marrying dance and the cinema medium, made by professionals from around the world.” We’re excited to be one of two films selected from the US. The film also screened February 9 and 10 at the Third Coast Dance Film Festival in Reno, NV. Founded in 2010, the festival includes a touring program that has traveled to arts venues and universities in Pennsylvania, Alabama, Nevada, California, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Texas. Female driven work is of high interest to their curators. The film has previously screened in Texas, Minnesota, Ireland, and Greece.